Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Natural Treatment for Cold Sores

Natural Treatment for Cold Sores, please take a minute to learn about the benefits of Viralprin.

Viralprin is an all-natural Herpes supplement which contains ingredients that have been proven to combat the effects of both the HSV-1 (cold sores) and HSV-2 (genital Herpes) strains of the Herpes simplex virus.

Cold Sores are not as deadly or dangerous as genital herpes, they can still be annoying as well as contagious. Viralprin can not cure cold sores, no product can, but it can help control the symptoms of Herpes as well as to improve the immune system which will delay outbreaks.

Please visit Viralprin.com for more information.


Unknown said...

Don't You Think It's High Time You Tried Herbal Remedy?

In 2015, I was diagnosed of genital herpes.. I was 21 years old and I had no idea what that was. When my doctor explained to me what Genital Herpes was all about and what type I had...I was freaked out! if I had missed coming to the ER any sooner, I would have possibly died without having the slightest clue of what led to my death, as i have never heard of, or experienced the virus before! The rashes grew and i have been living with it ever since then. Most of the time, I feel dirty knowing i was living with herpes. Though the doctor already encouraged me to keep using my medications even though there is no permanent cure for the virus. So i continued with my medications, which only makes the rashes to disappear, and reappear after some days. Late last year, I started surfing the web, seeking for herbal treatment as alternative. So i was on YouTube one evening,i stumbled upon a comment about Dr. Ugo and how his herbal medications cured a woman's daughter of Herpes and I decided to reach out to him. He asked me some questions which i answered, after which He prepared some herbs and sent them to me. He then guided me on how to use them. i used the herbal medications for about ,21days. The rashes gradually dried up. So i went for a test and came back home Herpes free. So My experience with this virus made me to realize, people should find out more about themselves before it's too late. So that when tested positive, they will quickly start making use of the right medication because i believe when the right medication is applied, then the sickness is conquered! If you are having any sickness or virus and needs deliverance contact Dr.Ugo (for your permanent healing) He is the right person to tell your health challenges to. You can contact the doctor via his email address : ugoherbalhome@gmail.com

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