Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Viralprin Press Release

Product Helps Boosts the Immune System to Help Fight Herpes Simplex A and B

June 05, 2007 – Doctors Associates is excited to announce the availability of Viralprin™ – an all-natural option for sufferers of the Herpes virus – in the United States. Viralprin’s proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts is specifically formulated to help reduce the occurrence of oral and genital herpes outbreaks by boosting the body’s natural immunities. And, while there is currently no cure for herpes, Viralprin™ helps diagnosed individuals live healthier, more normal lives without serious side effects or a high price tag.

Herpes is a staggeringly common health condition that affects approximately 1 in every 6 Americans. While “herpes” typically refers to the sexually-transmitted virus called HSV-2 (also known as herpes simplex B or “genital herpes”), a closely related virus called HSV-1 (herpes simplex A or “oral herpes”) is the cause of common cold sores. After somebody is initially infected with either herpes simplex, the virus travels to sensory nerves near the point of infection and causes an initial outbreak of itchy sores that last 2-10 days. Although the sores eventually heal, the viral infection is life-long and can be re-triggered by specific events such as stress, increased sexual activity, sunburn, certain foods, colds or other infections.

When taken as directed, Viralprin™ works to reduce herpes outbreaks by strengthening the body’s natural immunities and chemistry, while also alleviating the effects of stress and strain on the body. The select ingredients in Viralprin™ work synergistically to help reduce the occurrence of outbreaks, severity and healing time of recurrent HSV infections.

A herpes infection can cause a number of concerns beyond the medical effects, including problems with self-esteem or a decrease in sexual interest due to the fear of spreading herpes to a partner. These feelings can worsen if the infected individual experiences frequent outbreaks. Although Viralprin™ does not prevent the transmission of HSV, when combined with safe sex practices it can help reduce the chances of passing herpes along to a partner. And, since Viralprin™ boosts the immune system and reduces stress on the body to naturally suppress herpes viruses, it helps persons with HSV live fuller, more satisfying lives without fear of frequent and embarrassing outbreaks.

According to Doctors Associates spokesperson, Janet Lim, “Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections pose an incredibly serious medical problem that borders on a full-blown pandemic. With so many Americans suffering from herpes, and with the terrible effect the disease can have on an individual’s lifestyle, we’re extremely proud and excited to offer Viralprin™ as an effective and affordable alternative to costly prescriptions and other treatments.”

For more information, product use directions, testimonials, or to order Viralprin™, please visit the home page.


Stacey Sharp said...

Some experts are saying that Viralprin is not the perfect remedy for the cold sore. Is that true?

Stacey Sharp
Remedies Cold Sore

Unknown said...

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